adte award


The Abu Dhabi Tourism Excellence Awards are the emirate’s ultimate benchmark in excellence and prestige for the tourism sector. The Awards celebrate and honour organisations and individuals who have elevated the industry to greater heights through their exceptional achievements and their inspiring standards of excellence.

As a shining beacon in global tourism, Abu Dhabi is now crowning its own gems in tourism through these Awards, which are organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism. Reflecting the rich diversity of the emirate’s tourism sector, up to 17 accolades are given out in various categories, collectively enriching the international competitiveness of Abu Dhabi’s tourism experiences.


Category & Criteria

Grand Excellence in Tourism |
Golden Crown Award

Honouring the tourist attraction with the best overall marketing campaign that has raised awareness about Abu Dhabi (online or offline) as a global destination of excellence.

Excellence in Tourist Happiness |
Golden Smile Award

Awarded to the organisation with the most positive tourist reviews, testimonials, feedback and overall customer happiness.

Ambassador of Excellence |
Luminary Award

In recognition of a travel and tourism blogger, influencer, thought leader or personality whose work has attracted a passionate fan base and sparks interest in Abu Dhabi’s offerings.

Excellence in Cultural Tourism |
Emerald Award

Honouring the attraction or organisation that shows exceptional excellence in highlighting the rich diversity of Abu Dhabi’s cultural heritage, art, history and people.

Excellence in Leisure |
Golden Palm Award

Awarded to the attraction that offers the best entertainment experience, bringing together tourists from around the world to bond as one family under one attraction.

Hospitality Excellence De Luxe |
Golden Palm Award

An accolade for the tourism partner that takes luxury to new heights, including niche offerings such as cruise tourism, airborne tourism, luxury hospitality / concierge services and more.

Exceptional Cuisine Experience |
Feast of Excellence Award

Awarded for the most outstanding dining experience across the emirate’s food-related attractions and events.

Exceptional Travel Operator |
Golden Falcon Award

Awarded to the best airline operator, cruise operator, tour operator, car rental, airport service, bookings service and other travel experiences that enrich the tourist’s journey.

Excellence in MICE Events |
Global Majlis Award

Awarded to the best Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) offering, that is helping to bring together delegates from around the world in Abu Dhabi and make the emirate a global majlis.