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Prepaid Cards

A safer alternative to cash, Al Fardan Exchange’s Travelez prepaid VISA card offers you a secure and convenient way to carry your holiday travel money and access your funds globally. With over 30 million merchants, 2 million ATMs and options to shop online, there are countless ways to take your money further.

Choose a Travelez prepaid card to enjoy your holiday with a peace of mind:


  • A first of its kind VISA 13+ multi-currency prepaid card
  • Reloadable
  • Ideal for travellers carrying multiple foreign currencies as cash
  • The option to load your desired currencies prior to your travels
  • Enjoy the benefit of locked-in exchange rates.


  • A prepaid VISA card available in 2 currencies – AED and USD
  • Choose between Standard and Premium reloadable cards


Easy to use and globally accepted, the non-reloadable Travelez Gift Cards are a perfect way to surprise your loved ones when it comes to holidays and special occasions.

With Travelez you can open up your world of shopping, lifestyle, dining and entertainment options.

Visit www.travelezcard.com/ to know more!

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